The 24/7 Self-Serve Red Box

Our Red Box

The Red Box

The Red Box is a Vending Machine for Dry Cleaners that allows their customers to Drop Off and Pickup Dry Cleaning 24 hours a day.

We create the most realistic artificial intelligence Dry Cleaning Systems

To make any technology, a reason is the most important part of any development. The Red Box was developed to serve the public by providing convenience.

  • Anytime pickup & drop off dry cleaning Service

  • Credit Card Supported

  • Barcoded accuracy picking up

  • SMS notification when your order is ready

High Visibility

The best solution for a red box position is right in front of people’s vision, hence the reason for the name and colour selection. Red is a prominent colour in the spectrum of colours, as it stands out.

Consistency & Reliability

As a brand, consumers need to be able to USE any red box in the country with the same process of drop off & pick up; this will give consumers confidence.

The Red Box Self Serve Drop off and Pickup ATM


Providing an almost zero capital outlay for this technology gives the dry cleaner a NO-BRAINER approach to becoming a 24-hour self-serve provider of dry cleaning. Let’s face it,  where else can you get all this technology starting around 1.95 per every hour. a staff member per hour costs WAY more per hour than a machine.

SMS Communication

We will update you on when your order is ready by sending you an SMS once the provider adds the order to the machine.

How it works


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